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2. Choose your contest

Choose your league and then choose your type of bet.

3. Pick your team

If you’re entering a tournament, choosing an MVP, or (setting-up a head to head.) challenge with a friend, it’s time to choose your players.

There’s no salary cap, but you can’t have more than four players from any one team.

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4. Add funds

If you're playing in a cash contest you’ll need have the funds in your account before your bets can be placed.

5. Watch the Game

Settle in and see if your players get the job done. Monitor the live Opta stats and watch your points (and your bank balance!) increase in real time.

6. Collect your winnings

Time for the glory. As soon as the GameWeek ends, your winnings will be added to your Bet4theBest credit balance, and become instantly available for other contests.