More contests mean more ways to win
More ways to put your managerial nous to the test
More ways to unleash the tactical wizard win.

We offer the following contest types:


Take on multiple other teams on any given week.

Simply pick your tournament (buy in options of £5, £10, £20), pick your team (don’t forget to nominate a captain for double points) and away you go.

If your team picks up more total points than those in your pool at the end of the GameWeek – then you walk off with the winnings.

If two or more players are tied on points at the end of a GameWeek, winnings will be divided between them.

Fantasy Derbies

Every week is derby week!

Each GameWeek we pit the fiercest league rivals against each other according to Fantasy Football rules.

Regardless of the actual fixtures taking place in any given week, you can bet on Liverpool against Everton, City against United, Barca against Real or a variety of other major derbies across Europe – every single week.

Check form, analyse odds, place your bet(s), and if your chosen team’s total fantasy points exceed that of their derby rivals at the end of the GameWeek, you’re a winner!

Week Games

Bet on the fantasy version of the teams playing each week.

Based on the upcoming fixture list in any given week, simply bet on a team to beat its opponents.

Check form, analyse the odds, but forget about the score sheet – it’s the fantasy football points that decide whether you win or lose.

Most Valuable Player (MVP)

Use that keen managerial eye and predict the player who you think is going to pull the most points on any given GameWeek.

If your player is the highest scoring player in the betting pool at the end of the GameWeek, then you win the pot – simple as that!

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For those who like to keep things personal, Challenge lets you compete directly against your mates.

Just your fantasy football team against theirs – mano a mano!

Simply invite your opponent, decide the maximum you’re willing to bet, and then see if they accept the challenge.

Your opponent can accept the challenge up to the amount that you have specified.